My life is about creating music and embracing the gentle, the quiet, the introverted and the possibilities of peace through sound.

Through Patreon I am looking to produce full-length ‘volumes’ of quiet, ambient music – made especially for you! It will be available and exclusive only to you as a patron. These might be themed or inspired by requests from patrons. My desire is to keep creating and offering low-volume music, to gift back ‘quiet’ sounds in order to slow down our fast-paced, over-stimulated world.

All pledges welcome:

Silent Type (2015)

Footage taken from the 5 night, 30 hour durational live sound/performance work by Jason Sweeney. Presented as part of ‘Near & Far’ – a Performance & Art Development Agency event. Queen’s Theatre, Adelaide, October 2015.

Two turntables.

4 x vinyl records (Constant tones: A/G/G#/F/C/D/D#/A#)

2 x books (Instructions for listening)

8 x noise-cancelling earphones

TED Talk 2013 – TimesCenter NYC

In this uncharacteristically quiet talk, artist and sound innovator Jason Sweeney offers an aural picture of the city. In 2012, he was awarded a TED City2.0 Prize for the creation of the new participatory online, sound-based and composition project Stereopublic: Crowdsourcing the Quiet—which was activated in cities worldwide, including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Sheffield, London, Los Angeles and New York. Find out how the soundscape of the city is more complex than first listen.