On Quiet Preservation

Welcome to Quiet Ecology. I want to find new ways to articulate the need for immersive (& quiet) experiences in listening in urban spaces and built environments. I believe that in the midst of all the noise we are losing our ability to hear, to listen & walking off balance. We’re shutting out the world by plugging in noise-cancelling headphones & stressing out our cochlear hair cells. The world is so loud. Surely this is the time to stop & enjoy the silence?

I am exploring the audio mapping and sonic health of ‘urban quiet’ and quiet spaces – and researching compositional and technological approaches to such mapping. Through all my ‘quiet’ works I am setting out to ask: what will our future cities sound like? Will they be noisy, chaotic, hyper-social, unhealthy, full of sound and fury? Or will they become greener spaces, intent on a quieter way of living? How do we find spaces in our cities that maintain a sense of balance, find places of retreat and solace?

||||  Jason Sweeney